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✅ UNCONVENTIONAL TRAINING – Filled with sand these athlete sandbags test your strength, endurance and balance. The unstable weight ensures the whole body has to adjust to pick them up and hold them

✅ DURABLE – Heavy duty build quality and a double bag inside ensure this sandbag won’t let you down and will be robust in the home, in the garden or in the park. A hook and loop flap on the top covers a durable zip, and inside another hook and loop flap which folds over, ensures the sand will not seep out

✅ CHOICES – They come in 3 sizes and can hold 100lb, 150lb and 200lb. We recommend you use kiln dried sand to fill the bags. It’s not necessary to fill them completely, a part filled sandbag poses a very different challenge from a filled one – testing your grip in lifting and holding it

✅ EASY TO USE – Easy to fill and easy to empty they are durable and portable. Filling is straightforward: (1) open the inner bag and the lining of the outer bag; (2) fill to required weight with kiln dried sand; (3) fasten the inner bag and fold the top over; (4) zip the outer bag and pull the flap over the top

✅ 100lb Sandbag – diameter 40cm, height 20cm
150lb Sandbag – diameter 40cm, height 30cm
200lb Sandbag – diameter 40cm, height 40cm

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100lb, 150lb, 200lb