Adjustable 18kg Kettlebell




Providing a full body workout for men and women, this compact and durable kettlebell gives a space saving option for those working out at home or in the park. Replacing 7 kettlebells with one single kettlebell, it adjusts with a simple load and lock mechanism. Weight increments run from as follows: 3.6kg; 5.7kg; 8.2kg; 10.8kg; 13.4kg; 15.9kg; 18kg. To properly select a desired weight, pull out the safety lock, turn the lock, add or remove weights as required, turn the safety lock to hold the weights safely in place.

  • One kettlebell with seven weight options. The unique 7-in-1 compact design is ideal for women and men wanting a gym at home, that doesn’t dominate the home.
    Compact size means its perfect for having a gym at home or easily transportable for exercising in the park.
  • Vary your fitness regime by scaling weights for each routine, whether it’s swings, thrusters, snatches or clean and press.
  • Weights increase in the stages: 3.6kg; 5.7kg; 8.2kg; 10.8kg; 13.4kg; 15.9kg; 18kg.
  • With its rubber base it can stand flat on any surface. The frame is steel and the 6 weights are robust cast iron.
  • Simple lock and load weights system allows quick and easy adjustments.


  • Pull out the safety lock
  • Turn the safety lock
  • Remove or add weights as required
  • Turn the safety lock to hold the weights in place
  • Package dimensions: 34x27x23cm, total package weight 18.14kg